Close your eyes and step into a shadowy other Hyrule, a dream-like realm blighted by the Maren - ancient evil spirits that cause nightmares. Conquer your darkest fears and rid the kingdom of its bad dreams to unravel the mystery of the Maren's curse.

The Legend of Zelda: The Shadowgazer is a fan game being developed in Game Maker by King Mob, and features:

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Two parallel versions of the game world: the everyday waking world, and its nightmarish counterpart, unseen by all except those trained to use the Shadowgazer - a magical totem that protects the bearer from the nightmare realm's maddening effects

A rotating three-day schedule, governed by the comings and goings of the ships in the port town of Hyrule. Record valuable information regarding the nightmares of the passengers and crew in your Cabin Boy's Handbook


Playable Demo (4MB)

Technical Demo (1.27MB)

640 x 480 2008 Gameplay (25MB)

640 x 480 Nightmare Boss Battle (20MB)

640 x 480 2007 Trailer (11MB)


2008 Gameplay

Nightmare Boss Battle

2007 Trailer

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